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Meet your coach

It is possible to run a successful business, heave a healthy lifestyle and quality family time, and all at once. My mission is to support and inspire individuals and businesses to grow, be more and achieve more. 

Every day I wake up to do what I love the most, inspire business owners and entrepreneurs to do what they love the most! I think it is wonderful. The best part of it is that I need to use my creativity to come up with different solutions and strategies that meet my client's needs. Every business and individual are unique. There is no "one size fits all" approach in coaching. My job is to tailor programmes and strategies to meet unique needs of my unique clients.

My commitment to excellence and willingness to go the extra mile ensure my clients are fully satisfied with my work.

As a professional Business Coach and Consultant, I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. 

Health, Wealth and Happiness to you.

Gayane Ghazaryan



Gayane Ghazaryan

Gayane Ghazaryan is multi-skilled and multi-dimensional problem solver. Having a broad range of knowledge and experiences enables her to tackle problems and find solutions that are seldom not so obvious to business owners. Her ability to find simple solutions to complex issues is remarkable. Gayane's positive mindset and can-do attitude overcome obstacles effortlessly.

Upon successful graduation from The State Engineering University of Armenia with a Master's Degree in Technology and Design of Integrated Circuits, Gayane started working for Synopsys Aremnia SG as R&D engineer. After 4 years of engineering in the high-tech industry, she felt that there is more to her skills and talents. This is where a great journey started for her. In the pursuit of her great purpose, she made a very radical decision and changed careers by 180 degrees. Gayane started an exciting career as  Key Account Manager at Oriflame SA, Armenia. This is were she discovered her passion for business and talent for leadership. Gayane worked closely with hundreds of entrepreneurs supporting them to build their businesses and grow them successfully.

Inspired by her achievements, Gayane made another important decision which was a turning point for her career. Gayane started her Master's in Business Administration at Cavendish College in the UK. During her study years, she exposed herself to different types of businesses: big and small, national and international. She worked for Molton Brown, Evidnase de Baute', Harrods, to mention a few.

Gayane successfully completed her studies and achieved her MBA in 2010 with excellent grades. Her research paper , Leadership Theory vs Practice, encompassed her passion for leadership and business (you can find the electronic copy of the paper under the resources section on the blog page). 

Soon after, she joined the vocational learning industry, where she acquired very important skills and talents as a coach and consultant. She  worked with a wide range of organisations to improve productivity through staff development. Moreover, she worked with individuals supporting them to achieve new qualifications and career goals. She qualified in PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) in 2013 and has exceptional teaching and facilitating skills. 

Gayane brings together the best knowledge and expertise of business, personal development, learning and growth. Her way of supporting businesses and individuals is unique. She will always, always find the best method to suit her clients needs.

Last but not least, Gayane is very passionate about health and well-being. She is an advanced group exercise instructor and teaches BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP classes inspiring her groups to lead healthier and happier lives. 

I had the pleasure of working with Gayane whilst she was working for Prevista and I was a Director at Engie. Gayane helped so many people in my team develop themselves and become both better qualified employees and more effective in their roles. I can only recommend Gayane as an outstanding professional and someone who can make a huge difference to your organisation.

Simon Smith
Head of Stadium and Operations at Liverpool FC