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Guidelines for life and business

1. Follow your heart and do the right thing. Always align your decision with your heart. Intelligence may say something rational that doesn't align with your heart. Always follow your heart as it knows more than your brain. What feels right is right.

2. Look at the problem, then from a different angle. Look the problem "in the eye" and see through it. Then "tilt" your head and look at it from a different angle. Problems are opportunities in disguise. See through it, shed your light on it.

3. Treat people with love and kindness. Event when they are mean and unkind to you. Ego will react to unkind behaviour. Your true self will love them instead. When you show love and kindness, others will reciprocate. There is no other way.

4. Be generous, give and be ready to receive. What you give you circulate in your life. Be generous, give before you receive. And be ready to receive goodness back.

5. All is one, accept all alternatives. We are all unique representations of universal energy. All things are. Just like light is one with darkness, success is one with challenges. 

6. Everything is temporary, enjoy the good times and learn from the difficult times. When you receive goodness, be grateful and accept the rewards. When it gets tough, learn the lesson and move on.